Positive Change Via Me is funded through the donations of the community.
“Make a POSITIVE CHANGE in someone’s life by donating today.”
If you would like to make a one-time donation, most employers provide an opportunity to match monetary contributions one for one.
You can also be a continual contributor to our organization by donating a portion of your payroll automatically that will be sent directly to us. Every little bit helps rather its $5.00 dollars or $100.00 every pay period. Remember we are a 501(c) 3 organization all donations are tax deductible.
Thank you in advance for your generosity.
Donations and donated items can be mailed to:
P. O. Box 13028
Wilmington, De 19850
We have made it easy to pay also via pay pal see donate button below.




What your donations can help us provide

We are asking for donations of new or unused toiletries. We are filling bags with the donated items and will be delivering them in the months of February and March to various shelters and the homeless. Monetary donations are accepted as well.

Just $5.00 can provide someone less fortunate a bag of nonperishable food.

One out of every five children in our country cannot afford basic school supplies. We want to help children that are in need of school supplies with fully stocked book bags.



you can donate your stocks and mutual funds.
Gifts of stocks and mutual funds are coordinated by Positive Change Via Me, INC.
Electronic Transfer
This is the easiest method when a donor maintains holdings in a brokered account.
  1. Before making a transfer, alert Ameriprise Financial at 302-468-8200 so that the account exec for Positive Change Via Me, Inc. can make arrangements to receive the stock. Please indicate planned gift (# shares, name of security)
  2. Depository Trust Company, or DTC, is the clearinghouse for electronic security transfers.
  3. Provide the following information to the transferring broker:
Account Name:  
Positive Change Via Me, Inc.
Account Number:  
xxxx-xxxx (Get account number upon call in Step 1)
DTC Number:  
Clearing Broker:  
Ameriprise Financial
Donors Name