Establishing a bond with and have the ability to identify the needs of the people. Focusing on the heart of the community with a feeling of emotional strength and understanding. To comprehend in an objectively explicit manner and being able help bring forth a new chapter in someone’s life while vicariously experiencing similar feelings.


To have an innovative spirit assists in seeing oneself beyond the current circumstances. Having the faith to transpose your life into a positive direction via mind and body. Surpassing all road blocks and situations, an innovative mind allows you to accept new ideas or methods, to create that positive change via you.


The goal is to empower oneself to conquer all obstacles. To see the richness and focus on removing the glass ceiling perspective. The desire to help the community through self-fulfillment and pride is key. Centering your attention on the future is crucial. Take a leap of faith. Empowerment is believing.


Meet The Team


Victoria Garcia

Victoria is the Director and co-founder of Positive Change Via Me



Melinda Hayes

Melinda is the Director of Finance and co-founder of Positive Change Via Me



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