PCVM programs provide services directly or by collaborating with other agencies.

Services include the following:


Economic Development

Establishing a budget, money saving tips, retirement planning, debt reduction, improving your credit score and learn the basics of investing. Learn the importance of having credit, an emergency fund and paying bills on time.


Educational Development and Outreach Programs

Tutoring sessions for students of all ages including GED preparation classes.  Post-secondary career counseling and assistance with enrollment into Colleges and technical education programs. Field Trips which will include local & extended college visits. Will provide a variety of how to workshops, job training and cultural enrichment activities to enlighten and heighten your awareness of diversity in the business and social world.


Individual and Group Counseling

Individual assessments will include self development, self esteem, problem solving and stress management planning. We will provide relationship and support systems, spiritual counseling and guest speakers which will include young professionals. Our goal is to provide career guidance, mentoring sessions, and group counseling. These sessions will enhance communication skills and teach students how to assert one self.


Basic Personal Hygiene and Health Care

We will supply materials educating the importance of healthy living through eating right, exercise and getting proper rest.

We will provide workshops that will teach the importance of establishing good grooming and personal hygiene.

We will work with healthcare professionals who will provide their expert knowledge of birth control and Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The goal of these programs is to reduce the risk of unplanned pregnancies or becoming infected with STDs.


Information and referrals

Information and referrals to other service and organizations as needed.