Go That Extra Mile

Why do so many women stay in an abusive relationship. Do they stay for the children? Do they stay because they think the abuser will change or feel sorry for his victim? There are so many reasons why victims stay in an abusive relationship.

If you could save one victim of abuse, would you do it? Would you go that extra step to save their life? If you saw a woman being beaten how would you react. Think about it the next time you witness an act of violence. Go that extra mile and save a life.

There is a non profit organization called ALIANZA – They are the National Latino Alliance For The Elimination of Domestic Violence. This organization has made great strides in eliminating domestic violence in the Latino Community. For more information, visit their website at www.dvalianza.org. I will put a organization on this site with every post. Please leave the abusive relationship and find how to love yourself.

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