How Responsible Are You…

How responsible are you with your child

How important is keeping your child safe at all times? Do you feel that being a good parent is your objective or merely a goal you try to achieve? There are many women that have children and prefer the wild life as well. They leave their children with a babysitter they may or may not know. Then there are parents that do not have a choice in the matter. They have no support, no family and no help to raise their child. One might say, why did you have a child in the first place? One woman responded to that question by saying that she wanted to give someone love because no one loved her. Parenting is not an easy thing. IT is so much better when an individual has a support system to help them out. Then they could work, enjoy private time and also have alone time whenever they wanted with their child. What do you think about parenting skills? How would you rate your own parenting skills?9

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