Your Child’s Learning Abilities

How important is it for you to increase your child’s learning abilities? Cognitive development is crucial in this day. There are several things that you can do to ensure your child is utilizing the homework time to its fullest. The following tips can help your child increase their GPA and gain a better comprehension of their studies.

*****study in a quiet area – no music, TV, Games that will distract your child

*****have a designated time to study every day

*****Take notes if you are reading from a textbook. This helps your child retain more information *****Make 3 X 5 cards and use them as study aids – write the word on one side and the definition on the back of the card

*****ask your teacher for any extra credit work in order to gain knowledge of the subject matter These tips can increase your grade and study skills

Signs your child needs a Tutor

Failing grades

A child’s negative attitude toward school work

Notes from the teacher regarding the child’s failing grades

Child does not comprehend their homework

Diminishing interests towards school

Anxiety towards test time


Tips to help your child with homework

*Hire a tutor that specializes in various subjects

*Work one on one with your teacher and homework

to work out a strategy for your child

*Establish a fixed daily study time


Invest in your child’s future

Focus on the positive and leave the negative behind