Positive Changes

Positive changes

It is always important to make a positive change in your life. Whether it may be a small change as in losing a few pounds or taking a class to enhance your career. Each day brings a new opportunity to make a positive change. We forget about making a change from within because of how busy our schedules are, we focus on the present and not look toward the future. If you love soda but it does not love you, then slowly stop drinking it. The same thing goes for vices that you wanted to give up in your life. Take one step at a time and you will see the positive changes that take place. There are many areas that we can change within ourselves. Focus on making that change and you will not be sorry. Everyday is an opportunity to start anew. Everyone deserves a fresh start. Make today the first day to a whole new you!

Intimate Partner Violence

Intimate Partner Violence – IPV – Is this YOU?

Intimate violence is a very emotional and traumatic event to endure. Men, Women, Gay, Lesbian, bisexual and any other gender can be a victims of abuse. The issue is do you remain a victim or report the individual who has abused you.5