Our Children

A child’s development is crucial to a healthy upbringing. Cognitive developmental studies show that the study habits of a young person can have positive results when getting help from a tutor or guidance counselor. PCAVM offers tutoring services for grades two and up.  The focus is on making our children better equipped to handle today’s challenges for a better tomorrow. Please respond to this posting if you wish to have your child to acheive better grades, acquire higher self esteem principles.

We have to teach our children to do their very best and we need to help our families make a better life for themselves. It is so crucial that our children grow up to  bright young individuals. Let’s focus on their future and make an investment in their lives. Please contact us for more information!


It Only Takes One Time

It only takes one time

It only takes one time for an abuser to hit you. It only takes one time for an abuser to verbally abuse you. It only takes one time for an abuser to slap, stab or shoot you. Don’t talk yourself into” Oh this is the only time it has happened. It won’t happen again.” Get out while you can or it may be too late. Sometimes the abuse can be mental and those scars do not heal easily It could take years for them to go away. If children are involved, remember they understand everything but don’t compute it the way an adult would. It is very scary for a child to not know what is going on.

Help is always there when you need it. For example The Delaware Coalition against Domestic violence is an organization that focuses on eliminating domestic violence. Their number is 302 658-2958. On their website there is a list of things to take if you leave. The website gives a list of the following items to take when you leave;

Checklist of things to take if you leave:

  • Identification
  • Birth certificates: mine, my children’s
  • Social security cards
  • School and medical records
  • Money, bankbooks, credit cards, food stamps
  • Keys: house, car, office
  • Driver’s license/registration
  • Medications
  • Medicare cards
  • Passports
  • Green cards
  • Work permits
  • Address book
  • Lease/rental agreement
  • House deed
  • Mortgage payment book
  • Insurance papers
  • Current unpaid bills
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Pictures
  • Jewelry
  • Items of sentimental value
  • Children’s diapers, formula

Get out while you can before it it too late.

Go That Extra Mile

Why do so many women stay in an abusive relationship. Do they stay for the children? Do they stay because they think the abuser will change or feel sorry for his victim? There are so many reasons why victims stay in an abusive relationship.

If you could save one victim of abuse, would you do it? Would you go that extra step to save their life? If you saw a woman being beaten how would you react. Think about it the next time you witness an act of violence. Go that extra mile and save a life.

There is a non profit organization called ALIANZA – They are the National Latino Alliance For The Elimination of Domestic Violence. This organization has made great strides in eliminating domestic violence in the Latino Community. For more information, visit their website at www.dvalianza.org. I will put a organization on this site with every post. Please leave the abusive relationship and find how to love yourself.

Intimate Partner Violence

The following information was gathered from the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention;

“Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a serious, preventable public health problem that affects millions of Americans. The term “intimate partner violence” describes physical, sexual, or psychological harm by a current or former partner or spouse. This type of violence can occur among heterosexual or same-sex couples and does not require sexual intimacy.

The goal is to stop IPV before it begins. There is a lot to learn about how to prevent IPV. We do know that strategies that promote healthy behaviors in relationships are important. Programs that teach young people skills for dating can prevent violence. These programs can stop violence in dating relationships before it occurs.”

If you know of anyone that is a victim of IPV, please let them know that help exists. There are many groups that protect individuals from being abused. The information is out there. The Internet has a ton of information for those that may need immediate shelter. Contact your local police station. Remember any level of abuse is still abuse.

Monday’s Wisdom

What does it feel like to be beaten. To have the one person that you truly love smash your head into a wall. Smother you with insecurity and low self esteem. Your partner makes you feel that you are the one that is in the wrong. Love should never hurt, Mame, kill, or ruin another person’s life. IF a person really loves you, they should never put their hands on you. They should not discount your self esteem. In order to be free from the chains of violence, one should have the courage to leave a situation of abuse. If you are one of those person’s leave now. Get out before it is too late. If you have children, this impacts them. you don’t want your children to repeat the same life you had in an abusive relationship. Love yourself, protect your children.

Focus On You

To those of you who are being abused, there is help. It is just a phone call away. You may be afraid, but find the courage to leave the relationship. Begin to get to know yourself. IF you can live alone then do so and begin to love yourself. Relationships come and go. If you are alone, reach out for help. Focus on making yourself a better person. Spend time getting to know you. An investment in yourself is invaluable. Now is the time to focus on you.

What Would You Do?

If you see someone being beaten, what would you do. How would you handle it? would you interfere, call the cops, or simply do nothing. Even if you call the police, please do not let an incident go without it being reported. The life you save is in your hands. Take that step and make that call before it is too late and the person dies.